Friday, May 14, 2010

The Forbidden (The Coutship of Nellie Fisher, Book 2)

From the back cover: "Caleb Yoder's father has forbidden him to court Nellie Mae Fisher, but words alone cannot stop Caleb's devotion. Yet if he continues to pursue Nellie, he risks losing everything. Nellie, too, is torn. She longs to marry her Old Order beau but cannot ignore the gentle pull she feels toward the faith of her New Order family. Can she and her beloved satisfy the expectations of the People while remaining true to their hearts?"

This is book #2 in The Courtship of Nellie Fisher series. This book picks right up where the last one stopped which I really enjoyed. The continued struggle between the Old Order and the New Order families is carried throughout this book. I enjoyed watching the characters develop as they grew in their faith. Poor Nellie Mae and Caleb are stuck right in the middle of this struggle. Will they continue to court in secret? Or will Caleb follow his father's wishes? While this book did seem to go at a slow pace at times, I enjoyed it immensly. We also continue to follow the story of Rosanna King and husband Elias who adopted cousin Kate's twins. As Rosanna and Elias get more involved in the New Order church cousin Kate begins to have second thoughts. Will Rosanna and Elias be able to keep the babies? And, how will the church split continue to divide families? And don't forget about Rhoda who seems to be drawn more and more to the "fancy" world. What decisions will she make? If you read book one then you won't want to miss book two. I do recommend reading book one first however, you may be a little lost if you jump right in to this one.

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