Monday, August 23, 2010

The Vigilante's Bride by Yvonne Harris

From the back cover: "Robbing a stagecoach on Christmas Eve and abducting a woman passenger is the last thing Luke Sullivan expected to do. He just wanted to reclaim the money stolen from his pa, but instead ends up rescuing a feisty copper-haired woman who was on her way to marru Sullivan's dangerous enemy. Emily McCarthy doesn't take kindly to her so-called rescue. Still, she's hoping Providence will turn her situation for good, especially when it seems Luke Sullivan may just be the man of her dreams. But Luke has crossed a vicious man, a powerful rancher not used to losing, and Emily is the prize he's unwilling to sacrifice."

I enjoyed this book very much. The story is well written with action, adventure and romance. You get everything from cattle drives to shootouts to a budding romance. Emily and Luke can't stand each other at first (I wonder why... he kidnapped her afterall) and their interactions are often times humerous. Even though she's a "city girl" Emily is tough as nails and fits right in out west, which surprised me at first since she was raised in the city of Chicago. Emily and Luke go through quite a few trials which in the end draws them together. This story progresses nicely and there are never any dull moments. I couldn't put this one down and finished it in a day. Highly recommended if you like western romance. I am looking forward to more by this author in the future!